Daily Archives: September 13, 2023

Fall Rush 2023 Update and Fundraising

EI Brethren:

Hopefully you’ve heard by now the success with PIKE rush this fall.  27 men for PIKE.  Next closest were SX and SN at 14. Thank you EJ Foreman for your work with the Rush Chair all summer! Everyone else was much lower.  While I’m ecstatic about winning, the overall numbers are disappointing for Greek life in general.  That said, its time to capitalize on this momentum and get these guys the training they need.

Sending to a few of you to hopefully build up our current account in this challenge.  I will send out a broad email to all EI alumni next week.  Perhaps someone with access to the EI alumni FB page could share

Here is information on the fundraising effort:  https://pikenow23.funraise.org/

As the info says, 50% immediately goes to chapter use toward PIKE University events (Leadership Conferences) – the other 50% goes to overall Fraternity programs.  There are some additional incentives once we get over the 5K and 10K mark, including a free hotel stay for the officers at the Executives Conference in Memphis next January.

Here is our page:  https://pikenow23.funraise.org/team/epsilon-iota-southeast-missouri-state

We are presently in 113th place, behind several closed chapters, with my donation just to get us on the board.

Please consider making a gift, even if a token $100, $50, $25.00 amount (yes, it is tax deductible).
Please forward to any of your own era friend groups and promote.

Thank you in advance,


Executive Vice President